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Spring School Holiday Workshop 2022

Dec 11 - Dec 17















The holidays are a time for students young and old to take a break from their studies and indulge in their passions. Mahan Art Centre strives to be a supportive community for everyone who loves art and so we opened our Holiday workshops to everyone eager to relax with a good painting. We are happy to say that it was a wonderful success as we saw many new faces eager to get their hands dirty with our daily art schedule, as well as familiar faces just happy to spend time in our studio again.
Every student came and left with a smile and a beautiful piece of art to decorate their rooms, we hope their time here was memorable and we wish everyone a happy holiday

Creative Kids voucher

Mahan Art Centre is proud to have been approved as a provider to the NSW government creative kids program.

You may receive your $100 voucher towards fees from the Government website :

Contact us to process the voucher once you’ve received it.

NOTE: the voucher may only be used once and can only be used for fees higher then $100


Celebrate your child’s passions and growth 

With us 

The wonder of birthdays is the ability to celebrate your child’s passions and growth and when your child is an artist our studio provides an exciting opportunity to you! Come down and organise an eventful and bright party here at Mahan Art centre, where we offer the birthday goers a fun and exciting painting party to celebrate your little one's special day! Celebrate your child’s birthday with a painting workshop catered to your child’s interests! Pick your own theme for the paintings or choose one of our own, either way, it is guaranteed fun for all party goers. 

The aim of Mahan Art Centre is to teach art on a professional level to students of all ages, as well as to help and support budding artists!


Our art classes offer young and old artists a chance to learn new media’s and art techniques in our open and creative studio. Our art classes offer students a chance to explore their craft regardless of prior skill as our classes are tailored to work individually with each student through any skill level.

We offer art classes in both our Manly and Parramatta location where we teach art on a professional level to new students and old.


We teach our students a variety of art styles both modern and traditional to help students find their own artistic signature and establish themselves as professional artists. Adults and children can learn to create beautiful artworks in all mediums such as: oil paint , acrylic, charcoal, water colour, pastel and much more! We even offer digital classes to young artists interested in stepping into the world of digital illustration and design. We invite you to join us to explore and exhibit your skills!

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