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Calligraphy Classes

We offer professional calligraphy classes in both English and Persian. Our teaching methods will help you gain skills in the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable way, intended for all age groups, from elementary school to adults.


Calligraphy is a kind of music, not for the ears but for the eyes, and you can use this skill to make postal cards, paintings, canvas arts and more! 

One of the most important ways of communication is writing and calligraphy is an art form that uses ink and a brush to express the very souls of words on paper.

Copperplate, which is English Calligraphy, can offer you the chance to show your feelings and emotions in your writing.

Drinking Martinis

English Calligraphy Package

  • Two special size holding pens

  •  5 metal tips for     Copperplate Calligraphy

  •  Special black ink 

  •  Special colored ink

  •  Calligraphy notebook lined 

  •  Teacher notebook

  •  Ruler 

  •  Pencil sharpener

  •  Pencil (4B)


Persian Calligraphy Package

  • Two persian calligraphy pens

  • Special black ink for Calligraphy 

  •  40 sheets of calligraphy paper

  •  Handmade foam

  •  Teacher notebook 

  •  Ruler 

  •  Pencil sharpener

  •  Pencil


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