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Art Classes

We offer professional art skills to our young students as we believe each child has the ability to become great artists. We strive to give them the best opportunities, resources and teaching to help them achieve that.

We offer them the chance to learn various medias, to cultivate their skills and to broaden their abilities to become widely skilled artists.

However our studio doesn’t just offer art skills. Here we participate in teaching our young students not just how to paint like an artist , but how to present like an artist. We offer them guidance into the art world by giving them opportunities to join art competitions, participate in our annual art exhibition and work with people interested in their art.

Art isn’t just a fun past time, it is also a business. We recognise that passion for art doesn’t end with just kids and that there are many adults who wish to start or continue their art career. Our lessons offer adult students to be taught by a professional artist, with 25 years of experience and graduated from the Sydney National Art School. Our studio offers to teach adult students in various different medias and styles, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never drawn before or if it’s been years since you last did, you can pick up art whenever you are ready and our studio is more then prepared to guide you as you do into the professional art world.

Our adult classes are designed to teach higher and more complex methods for art making for its adult students through brush and colour techniques. We demonstrate the many ways to paint different landscapes, portraits and still life through all Art Movements and with various tools not just limited to the brush. Adult students will be taught how to paint from Acrylic, Oils, Water colour , charcoal and will learn the different applications of the two mediums.

About our Adults Art Classes

About our Kids Art Classes

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