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Kids Classes

Kids Art Classes

Our studio teaches students from ages 5+ a range of skills in painting starting from basic brush techniques, to studying the styles of art movements. We demonstrate the complex theory of colours and how to properly apply them into artworks in an engaging, exciting way that allows students to paint from their imagination. We also provide students all materials so that they are free to explore whatever art skills that peaks their interest

12 lessons , 1 hour 
%10 off for siblings

Sketching classes

Our sketching classes offer young students of 8+ with higher art skills sessions to improve their abilities. With lessons based on sketching from life and learning to understand how light and shadows move around our world. The sketching classes are designed to teach students how to look at the real world and understand how to draw it on paper, to give it depth, dimensions, perspective, shadows and light. These skills they will learn the importance of sketching as they discover these teachings can be applied to other medias.

10 lessons , 1 hour
%10 off for siblings

Kids Sculpture Class

Kids Sculpture Classes are here to offer lessons to kids who love to work with their hands, taking their imagination and moulding it into clay. Our studio offers students interested in sculpting a chance to sit down and learn the various skills and tools needed to make unique and intricate sculptures. We give them the chance to make the sculptures they’ve always wanted to make and bring home as well as the knowledge to improve those skills.

12 lessons , 1 hour

%10 off for siblings

Digital Painting Classes

Our Digital Painting classes teach the fundamentals of drawing digitally - skills transferable to any art program. Students will learn shortcuts and tricks that are both easy and fun in order to create impressive digital art. Students are encouraged to draw their favorite characters, as well as tap into their imaginations and come up with their own unique ones!

10 lessons , 1 hour 

Sienna Digital Example.png
Kids holiday workshop

We offer various workshops for different media’s during school holidays to continue providing our students the opportunity to develop their skills and have a fun outlet during the holidays to always come back to.


Students are able to form bonds with their peers as they spend their holidays together mutually learning multiple different styles from each other as well as the teachers.

Creative Kids voucher

Mahan Art Centre is proud to have been approved as a provider to the NSW government creative kids program.

You may receive your $100 voucher towards fees from the Government website :

Contact us to process the voucher once you’ve received it.

NOTE: the voucher may only be used once and can only be used for fees higher then $100

Adult Classes
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